About Leonardo’s


At Leonardo’s we believe in good food and good service; we love our food, every single recipe has been selected for you, from a vast selection of mum and grandma’s recipes.

We will change our menu very often to let you try lots of different flavours, but also to work with sustainable and seasonable products so, keep an eye on our page for news and updates.

Everything will be made on site, cooked to order, some of the products would probably run out by the end of the night. We do apologize for that, but is very normal when you cook everything from scratch: we will advise ASAP of any change during the night.

Remember that your allergies are your priority, so make sure to tell us about it, even if that ingredient is not listed on the menu.

As promised we will use only fresh and, when possible, organic products.

All our cheeses are coming from a small dairy in Auckland: They handpick and use only organic milk.

Our meat, chicken and eggs are coming from the most famous butcher in Rotorua, who uses only organic farms.platter

Our Fish come straight from a fishing company operating in both New Zealand and Fiji: they own and operate their own vessels The Company has established itself as a supplier of high quality export grade fish to all its customers in Japan, USA, Europe and New Zealand. The quality control starts at the ocean.

Our Vegetables are only seasonal and sustainable products and we always aim on providing the freshest product possible.

Our cured meats are imported directly from Italy, only to keep the traditional taste intact.